is svnews down or just gone
(too old to reply)
Oliver Fromme
2018-10-26 16:19:21 UTC
Does anyone know what happened to http://www.secnetix.de/olli/FreeBSD/svnews/
I enjoyed reading the summary of commits. Is there anything else like
this out there ?
I'm not working at Secnetix anymore, so I had to move my web tools
"SVNews" and "Porgle" to a new site. These are the new addresses:

SVNews: http://inof.de/FreeBSD/svnews/
Porgle: http://inof.de/FreeBSD/porgle/

For those who don't know them: SVNews shows a summary of the latest
commits to the FreeBSD base (not ports), optionally with diffs.
Porgle is a search engine for the Ports Collection that supports
regular expressions, searching the long descriptions and package
lists (plist).

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please mail
me directly. I'm currently *not* subscribed to -hackers.

Best regards
- Olli