Call for 2018Q3 quarterly status reports
(too old to reply)
Edward Napierala
2018-10-01 18:47:30 UTC
Dear FreeBSD Community,

The deadline for the next FreeBSD Quarterly Status update is October 31,
2018, for work done since the last round of Quarterly Reports: October,
2017 – September, 2018.

Status report submissions do not need to be very long. They may be
about anything happening in the FreeBSD project and community, and
provide a great way to inform FreeBSD users and developers about
work that is underway and completed. Submission of reports is not
restricted to committers; anyone doing anything interesting and
FreeBSD related can -- and should -- write one!

The preferred method is to follow the guidelines at the Quarterly
GitHub repository:


Alternatively you can fetch the Markdown template, fill it in, and email
it to ***@FreeBSD.org. The template can be found at:


The old XML generator and templates are no longer used.

We look forward to seeing your 2018Q3 reports!


Edward (on behalf of monthly@)